VERTIGO? Don’t take it easy!

Vertigo has various symptoms that seem to be similar with dizziness and migraines. Many are suffering from having vertigo especially women. Not everyone knows the effects on having vertigo. Vertigo is a condition where a person feel everything is moving and twisting and worst case, they feel unbalanced when standing or walking. Vertigo is not the same as dizziness. The various symptoms of vertigo that are generally experienced by the people include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Feeling unstable while walking
  • The road staggered
  • Blurred vision

The effects of vertigo can be so severe because it complicates our daily activities. Poor blood circulation is one of the causes of vertigo. A condition where the heart is not enough to pump blood to the brain or to the ears, making a person feel dizzy and want to faint. Blood pressure also play an important role. For example, when blood pressure is low, this condition causes blood flow from the heart to the brain and the inside of the ear to be blocked. Usually, if something this happens, don’t stand up too fast after sitting or lying down. Besides that, low blood sugar also will lead to having vertigo. This may be due to lack of food intake into the body resulting in a person feeling tired and dizzy quickly. This can indirectly cause vertigo to occur repeatedly. Therefore, do not take vertigo lightly.