Gases in the body occurs when bad cholesterol known as saturated fat combines with acids found in the human body causing the formation of saturated fatty acids. Over time, this saturated fatty acid will harden until it becomes a piece of crystal that sticks in or to the outer surface of human nerves and causes the blood vessels to become narrower. Narrow blood vessels cause blood flow to become blocked, causing oxygen and nutrients needed by the body parts to function properly cannot be supplied, further inviting various types of diseases due to the difficulty of blood to flow in the areas where these crystals of gas are formed.

There are four (4) types of gaseous-related problems that often occurred, namely:


Occurs when the bile duct is compressed by crystals of gas causing the body's digestive system to not function properly. Bile duct is one of the organs that plays an important role in ensuring that our digestive system can work smoothly. When the digestive system cannot function properly, gas will begin to accumulate in the stomach, pressing on the chest causing chest pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and tension on the neck muscle.

2.	Gas surrounding the external nerves

Occurs when crystals of gas have formed and gathered on the outside of our blood vessels. These crystals of gas will press the blood vessels until they become narrow, then disrupted the blood flow throughout the body. If you seek for help from a clinic or hospital, it is often undetected. Individuals suffering from external nerve gas accumulation often feel numbness and cold in the legs and hands and tingling in the legs.
3.	Gas surrounding the internal nerves

It occurs when crystals of gas formed inside of the blood vessels making it difficult for blood to flow through those vessels. Often, this problem can be detected if you go to a clinic or hospital for treatment. Heart disease, gout and blocked blood vessels are the examples of medical issues caused by the accumulation of gas inside of the nerves.

4.	Transportation of gas from one person to another

It happens because charge or electric current found in the body of an individual has been transferred to another individual causing the individual to receive gas from other people. Usually, masseurs will experience this problem because the gases accumulated in the patient's body will be removed through the masseur.