1.	Breathing Difficulty

•	Pain in the chest, especially on the left side of the chest, often causes people to think they are having a heart attack. But, after rushing to the clinic or hospital, the doctor told us that our body is normal. It's worrying just to think about it. This symptom actually occurs because of excess gas in the stomach causing the stomach to become bloated and pushing the diaphragm making it difficult for it to expand when breathing. As a result, the individual will experience breathing problems, resulting in difficulties for the heart to pump blood throughout the body.

•	Excessive acid level in the body is also one of the factors that increase the heart rate, causing shortness of breath or irregular breathing pattern. It occurs as a result of GERD that originates from the stomach (especially when the stomach is empty) resulting in pain in the chest and heartburn. Vomiting in the morning and on empty stomach or after eating, tension to the muscle of the neck and pain in the shoulder blades, head and shoulders are the symptoms of excessive acid level in the body.

2.	Fatigue and muscle sore
•	Crystals of gas and fats that accumulate on the nerves will cause the blood flow throughout the body to become blocked, thus making the muscles of the body not get enough oxygen supply. This condition results in excessive accumulation of lactic acid and toxic substances in the muscles and causes the body to become sluggish and sore. In addition, this condition also results in a decrease in the amount of nutrients received by the body's muscles.

•	The patient's body health will improve when this excess lactic acid is removed through the massage process. However, after a few days or weeks, the body's aches and pains will be coming back because the muscles will begin to produce excess lactic acid due to the lack of oxygen as the results of crystals of gas disrupted the nerves and blood vessels that supply oxygen to the muscles.

•	The accumulation of crystals of gas on the nerves will cause the patient to often feel numbness and coldness in the hands and soles of the feet as well as fatigue/lethargy/lack of energy even after getting adequate sleep and rest.
3.	Weakened immune system
•	Excessive gas can disturb the digestive tract causing the stomach to become bloated, full, and gassy. Flatulence causes the individual who experiences it to feel nauseous and reduces their appetite. The digestive system plays an important role in building a strong immune system because it is located along the length of the intestine. Individual with a weakened immune system often feel chilly which exposes them to the risk of fever, cold, cough and so on.