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RS24 can get rid of trapped gas and fat inside the body.

Furthermore, can increase the immune system and improve blood circulation 

Benefit of taking RS24 

  • RS24 is 100% Bio Natural
  • Contents free of prohibited drugs or ingredients harmful to human body.
  • Approved by MOH
  • Certified HALAL by JAKIM
  • Everyone can take RS24 includes pregnant women
  • Has been on the market since 2011
  • Guaranteed Safe And Effective
  • Positive customer testimonials

RS24 Ingredients 

✔Main ingredients is alphania galaga

✔ Made from natural source such as fruits and vegetables

✔Phytochemicals – chemicals of plant origin

✔ Flavonoids

✔  Polysaccharides extract

✔ Antispasmodic

✔ Antimicrobial

✔ Ethanol extract

✔ Antioxidant