AputiRich Center offers services based on Ethno Therapy in helping every patient who comes to seek for treatment at our therapy center. Ethno therapy is an ancient therapy method that is believed to be able to treat disorders related to the human nervous system. Ethno Therapy existed as a result of prior research that explained nerve disorders in the human body occur as a result of the accumulation of gases in the body. Ethno therapy is able to release 52 main nerve points that are compressed by acidic mucus or also known as gases throughout the body. In addition to gaseous mucus, saturated fat that accumulates in the blood vessels is also capable of disrupting the course of the human blood system, causing the formation of 31 gaseous symptoms in the human body. In addition, Ethno Therapy can also help in treating patients with knee, waist, inguinal hernia/erectile dysfunction, migraine, headache, gastric/GERD and so on. This therapy is also suitable to be applied to patients suffering from accumulation of gaseous problems, back pain or slip disc, and joint or knee pain.

Therapists at AputiRich Center will focus their attention on releasing only certain and important nerve points (located between head to toe) and the process of breaking up the gaseous mucus that compresses the patient's nerves is done using fingers, knuckles, and elbows (if necessary). However, patients are reminded that the therapy process we offer is not in the form of a massage. After the gaseous mucus on the involved nerve point is broken, only then can the recovery process of the nerve disorder can naturally take place.

Therapists at AputiRich Therapy Center are selected among individuals who are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in applying this technique based on the condition of our patients. It is important to ensure that patients who come for treatment at AputiRich Center get the best and positive benefits from the treatment that we offer.

At AputiRich Center, we also always strive to provide a healthy treatment environment, where we adhere to ethics, genuine and fair treatment to every patient who comes to seek for our services.