APUTIRICH EMPIRE was established in 2011 after seeing the rapidly growing health trends in the country. Our company is a business based in Terengganu, Malaysia. We have been dedicated to the healthcare industry for over 9 years.

Our company offers products or nutrition made up from natural ingredients that come only from fruits and vegetables. Our products are not only suitable for customers who face various diseases but also suitable for healthy customers. We are trying to provide you with high quality solutions while ensuring material transparency.

APUTIRICH EMPIRE is one of the leading alternative health products for various markets. Our goal is to continue to develop superior products. Much of our success can be credited to our gentle and knowledgeable staff. We focus on keeping the company honest and accessible because we care deeply care about the patients who use our products. We will always be ready to assist you in all health related inquiries related to our products.


PT29756, Tingkat 1, Taman Bestari
Gong Badak, 21300 Kuala Nerus, Terengganu

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9:00 AM – 5.00 PM
Saturday – Thursday

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Phone: 09-6532100 
Email: aputirich@gmail.com