Bile is a type of liquid stored in the gallbladder. Gallbladder is located at the end of the liver and is included as a part of human’s digestive system. Bile plays an important role in absorbing and digesting fat within our body. Bile will be secreted by the gallbladder during the process of food digestion within the large intestine. The secretion of bile is initiated by a type of hormone, Cholecystokinin. Bile is made up of water, fat, cholesterol, protein and bilirubin. 

The blockage within the bile duct will cause GERD. Typically, the blockage is caused by the formation of crystals of gas in it. The combination between gas within the body with fats and cholesterol in the gallbladder resulting in the formation of crystals of gas. Crystals of gas will be deposited inside the bile duct, thus blocked the signal send from the brain to gallbladder to produce bile with the help from Cholecystokinin, thus preventing the release and absorption of fats inside of our body. 

The inability of gallbladder to function properly will cause the accumulation of fats and cholesterol inside the other parts of our body. Excess body gas will combine with fats and cholesterol to form crystals of gas in our body causing the symptoms of body gas issues such as shortness of breath, the feeling of something stuck in the throat, sleeping difficulty and so on.

Over time, it will get worse and our body won’t be able to function as it should. Therefore, it is important that we prevent this problem from an early stage to be as healthy as we can.