Worrying is a normal reaction under a certain stressful events. For example, we often feel worried through the period of examination in school. After returning the answer sheets, we might feel worry about the validity of the answers. Sometimes, we may have been in certain risky and dangerous situations such as accidents, being worried thought us to be more careful and alert to our surrounding. Being worried in this kind of situations are known to be normal if it lasts temporarily.

However, being too worried over small issues or wariness that last for a long period of time which eventually affects one’s ability to function normally is classified as anxiety. 

Sweating, tachycardia and shortness of breath are among the symptoms of anxiety. Trauma, stress, alcohol and drug abuse along with other factors may trigger anxiety in some people. 
However, excessive level of gas in the body can actually become one of the factors of anxiety. High gas content in the gut cause it to rise to the chest and compressed it causing those who experience it to feel suffocate. This will leads to breathing difficulty. 

Breathing difficulty in those with excessive body gas level is caused by the deposition of crystal of gas inside and outside of the blood vessel. The adhesion of crystals of gas to the blood vessels will disrupt the blood flow to the body, especially the heart as it is the organ that pump blood from and from the body. As a result, our body gets less oxygen supply causing them to breathe short and frequently. 

Breathing difficulty may cause the one who experience it to start over-thinking about their health. If this behavior (over-thinking) does not interfere their daily routine, it will be considered as a normal reaction. However, when it started to think about things that they shouldn’t or affecting their sleep quality and quantity, they will be considered to experience anxiety. This condition can only be diagnosed by medical officers or specialists.

Modern and alternative treatment can be used to treat anxiety. Lifestyle changes and psychiatric treatment are the example of modern treatment to treat anxiety. For those experiencing anxiety due to excessive body gas, it is important for them to treat the cause of this issue that is eliminating extra body gas from their body. 

RS24, vegetable capsules by AputiRich are able to reduce body gas in the body. It is made up of Alpinia Galanga that is known to have numerous health benefit including removing excessive body gas. Consumption of a capsule of RS24 at night can help to reduce symptoms of anxiety.